Budget Christmas Décor Ideas And Tips

Christmas Décor

Christmas is coming up soon and one of the main things we focus on during the season is to decorate our homes and spaces. But this can often be tedious and expensive. Trees, décor, gifts and other such Christmas necessities can burn a really huge hole after everything is said and done. So here are some cost-effective and quick ways that will help you light up your Christmas as well as save a few bucks on the side.


1. Put up a tree

You can use anything from a classic douglas fir to a tiny rosemary plant as your Christmas tree. Artfully decorating it with hand-made ornaments and a Popsicle stick star and some small lights instantly add Christmas charm to your home. Anything colourful and cheery that you add to the tree can change the mood and vibe of the house altogether.


2. Christmas wreaths

As with the Christmas tree, you can DIY a Christmassy wreath by decorating a plain pine needle wreath with old Christmas decorations and ribbons, to hang on your door to welcome in the Christmas cheer.

Christmas Décor


3. Light candles

Instead of spending a lot on lights, you can light a candle or a bunch of candles for a warm and cozy winter day effect. They make great centerpieces, and scented candles that come in scents of cinnamon and baked goods instantly add to the Christmas cheer.


4. Decorate using throws and holiday pillows

Warm blankets and cozy pillows in Christmas colors and patterns are cheap and easily accessible decorations that add warmth to your décor. Put them all around your house in dim lighting so that the elements pop.


5. Wrap your gifts early

Brown craft paper or colorful Christmas patterned gift paper wrapped presents, or even faux presents, placed under the Christmas tree, decorated with cute ribbons and ornaments add to the holiday feel.


6. Holiday inspired vignettes

Setting the mood for Christmas is even easier with DIY vignettes that can be made with just a few elements – an old wreath, ornaments, and a few candles. Decorating your coffee tables, dressers and buffets with these minimal vignettes can go a long way.

7. Decorate your dining room

Whether or not you’re hosting a Christmas feast, decorating your dining room with Christmas décor, like a candle centerpiece on the table or those DIY vignettes, will give a festive feel to every meal you and your family share in the dining area.