Dosage & Discovery – Compounding Pharmacy Melbourne

Been told to deliver your script to a compounding pharmacy melbourne but you’re not actually sure what that is or how to find a good one? We’ve got you covered. Read on to discover what a compounding pharmacy melbourne is, what they do, and how to find one that suits your needs.

What Is A Compounding Pharmacy Melbourne?

A compounding pharmacy melbourne is a chemist who will customise your medical to suit your needs. This could include creating custom dosages, mixing different drugs together, adding medicines to suspensions, changing the form in which a medication exists and more. They do not, however, duplicate pre-existing medications as this is not permitted by law, so if you’re after an off the shelf drug, you can simply pop into any chemist that takes your fancy. If you do, in fact, require a compounding pharmacy melbourne, read on to discover how to find them and what criteria to use in order to select the right one for you.

Where Can I Find A Compounding Pharmacy Melbourne?

In order to locate a compounding pharmacy melbourne, your best bet would be to search for the phrase plus the suburb that you’re hunting in. A whole list of chemists will come up, however, not all of them will necessarily meet your needs. You’ll first need to check whether they are, indeed, a compounding pharmacy melbourne (as some will display even though they are general chemists) and then check them against each of the factors below to ensure that they will meet your needs.

Choosing The Right Compounding Pharmacy Melbourne

Just because a chemist is a compounding pharmacy melbourne, does not necessarily mean that they will be able to perform whatever tasks you require. Different chemists specialise in creating different types of medication so it is important to do your research before making a final decision in order to avoid disappointment or incorrect dispensing.

Check Whether They Can Craft Your Medication

Compounding pharmacy Melbourne

The absolute first thing that you’ll need to do when selecting where you will purchase your medication from is check whether they can actually craft your medication. As noted above, different chemists specialise in different types of medication so you’ll first need to ascertain whether they are capable of making what you need, followed by whether they are willing to do so.

Ensure That They Have A Solid Supply Chain

If you’re after a long term medication, the next thing you’ll want to make sure of is that your chosen compounding pharmacy Melbourne has a solid supply chain and will have constant access to the ingredients required to craft what you need. Some medication components can be hard to find and others are restricted by law so it is important to know that a chemist can consistently meet your needs before committing.

Consider Opening Hours

Opening hours may not seem all that important when making your decision as there are far more important factors at play. While this is certainly true, the opening hours of the chemist you select could dictate whether you can access your medication easily when it is required so they shouldn’t be overlooked when making your decision.

Shop Close To Home

Finally, it is advisable to select a chemist who is located in close proximity to where you live. If they’re far enough away that travelling there regularly could be considered a hassle, we recommend choosing someone closer to home. While medicines can be shipped when necessary, this poses a risk to the stability and efficacy so it isn’t really recommended, even if it is convenient.

So, now you know what a compounding pharmacy melbourne is, where to find one, and how to choose the right one, you can confidently select the right chemist to fill your script.