How SEO and PPC Can Work Together For Better Results


SEO and PPC work as their own separate channels of marketing, with different outcomes and purposes in mind. But at the end of the day the two marketing channels have the same overall goal – to make your website more visible in search engines and to improve your total number of sessions.

Some businesses are unable to perform both SEO and PPC due to financial restrictions. If your business, however, does have the ability to conduct both then it is certainly recommended as the two can work very well together to achieve your desired goals even faster.

So, if you are looking to join forces and get SEO and PPC working together for your website, have a look below at some of the tips to ensure you see the best results possible from your local SEO company based in Sydney:


Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Keywords are an essential part of both SEO and PPC. When playing both strategies you need to think about your keywords. The data you find when conducting keyword research is vital for both SEO and PPC. In particular, PPC advertisements are a great way to see what words have be searched for, clicked on and then eventually converted.

You can then use all this information from your PPC campaign to develop a better SEO keyword strategy. By simplifying things, you are ensuring the best words are found. They might not even be the keywords you were thinking about, but it is always great to expand and develop your keyword list over time and as your own business/ website changes.

Most importantly, when you combine a PPC campaign with SEO, you already have a list of keywords that are high converting and therefore can target these same keywords using your specific SEO strategy. This will certainly help to save you more time as well as give you a more effective list of keywords to target.


Brand Building

SEO and PPC can work well together to help build your brand. SEO is great for brand building because users trust Google to provide them with the best, most suitable results and therefore if a user sees your website at the top of the results page then they are likely to trust your website as well.

PPC works great for brand building as well, because it is all about visibility and while SEO tactics are long term and results aren’t always fast, you can get the visibility you need to build your brand through PPC while your SEO works begins to manifest into results.

So, you can certainly see how getting SEO and PPC working together at the same time can benefit your overall efforts towards branding. In this case (like many others) the two strategies complement each other very well to ensure more potential customers know about your brand.

The more people that know about your brand and see it on the top of the search engines results, the better it is for your sales. You will need to be careful with the keywords you choose to help promote your brand, obviously you’ll need to start with your brand name, then look for suitable ways to improve from there.


SEO Tools

There are a number of different SEO tools out there that provide data that can assist you in the area of PPC. For example SEO tools give you information on negative keywords, you can use this information to ensure that you aren’t targeting these keywords in your PPC campaign and therefore wasting your money on potential clicks that aren’t likely to convert.

Some SEO tools even have a PPC section, which can also obviously help you in both areas. It is important that before you invest resources into SEO and PPC you have the right tools on your side to help accomplish your goals even faster. Therefore, you should look to perform proper research to find the most suitable tool.

If you don’t think you’ll be able to run both an SEO and PPC campaign, then it could be in your best interest to hire an SEO agency. These agencies have their own SEO and PPC tools that they pay to use, and they could also offer their own level of expertise to get SEO and PPC working well together.


PPC Data

Just like SEO has data that can be helpful for PPC, PPC also had data that can assist in SEO! One of the main things to look at when analysing PPC data is the ad text, understand which ones are performing better than others, then replicate this for your SEO. Making small tweaks to your SEO content will make it more friendly and ensure you are getting as much as possible out of out.

With so much competition these days, it is important that you are doing all you can to reach overall business goals faster. Joining SEO and PPC forces may just be the thing that sets you apart from the rest.