How to Interview Wedding Caterers in Sydney Before The Event

Couples who are planning their big day will commonly look to hire wedding caterers in Sydney to feed their guests.

Whether it is designed for a lunch or dinner, it is ideal to have a team of cooks and servers who are able to provide value for money.

Prior to hiring them for these tasks though, participants will look to sit down with them for an official interview.

We will outline some of the key discussion topics that should be covered in-depth before a decision is made.

That will help to shape which wedding caterers in Sydney are suited for the role and who will ensure quality control across the board.

Shortlist Based on Referrals & Reviews

Before couples get underway with the interviews for wedding caterers in Sydney, it is important to maxmise the time with these contractors and ensure that they meet a very basic level of credibility. Given the demands of couples with arranging venue hire, dresses, photography and other duties with the ceremony, it pays to be talking to qualified candidates who are at least in the frame to land the role.

Examine Industry Certification

There should be a lot to enjoy and explore when it comes to interviewing wedding caterers in Sydney. With this being said, there are some dangers as well when it comes to food service and food preparation with health and safety protocols in place. When talking to representatives about their business and their status, inquire about their certification and what associations they are linked with to see that they are indeed a credible provider.

Ask About Wedding Experience in the City

Wedding caterers Sydney

Experience counts for a lot when couples are engaging with wedding caterers in Sydney. From the CBD to the Inner West, the Eastern Suburbs and Northern Beaches to Hills District and South-West, there are unique demands placed on specialists. How do they perform with large crowds or small gatherings? Do they need to have an indoor space or are they viable outdoors? Checking their back catalogue of work is imperative in this instance.

Identify Cuisine Options

When participants are sitting down with wedding caterers in Sydney, they should be able to examine a number of different cuisine options that are in play. From finger foods to bistro, buffets and main courses plated per table, it is beneficial to see the kind of expertise they deliver and how they actually deliver the food. Couples will also be interested in the contents of the cuisine itself, pinpointing styles and dishes that arrive from Asia to Europe, South America to Africa and the Middle East, and Australia to North America.

Logistics & Cleanup

One of the key incentives to speaking with wedding caterers in Sydney in-person through an interview is seeing how they respond to the logistics question. How many chefs do they provide and what kind of staff members are necessary? What kind of space do they require at the venue? Will they need support from the venue for the cooking and serving? How will they arrange cleanup in due time and can they adapt from appetisers to main meals and dessert?

Price & Service Quotes

Sydney couples who are in the market for these catering specialists recognise that they only have so much money to spend on this venture. While trying to fit in every other package from the venue to accommodation, photography, travel, ceremony payments and beyond, a wedding is rarely a cheap exercise. During official talks, it is essential to access a quote that outlines how much they charge and what their billing policies are around payment scheduling and format.