Organising Your Storage In Wyong

Are you planning to put your possessions in storage in Wyong? It can be a great solution for a lot of different situations but it’s also important to make sure that you organise your unit properly. Why do you ask? For several reasons! Firstly imagine if you suddenly need an item that you’ve stored away, but it takes you hours to dig through all your boxes to find the item you need. It kind of defeats the purpose of your convenient storage in Wyong, doesn’t it? Planning ahead can make a big difference and will make your life much easier when you want to find items that you need. It also helps to protect your items and keep them in good shape. Read on below for our tips on how to organise your storage in Wyong.

Pick one box size for most of your possessions

Using the same box size for as many of your items as possible makes it much easier to stack and access items. You’ll also want to go for smaller to medium size boxes if possible. Larger boxes tend to be heavier and more difficult to manoeuvre, they also tend to fall apart at the bottom of a stack of boxes. Smaller and more compact boxes will make things easier.

Figure out what you need to access the most

One of the most important things you’ll want to consider is what you need to access when you’re putting items into storage in Wyong. There are a few items that people will commonly need to retrieve like seasonal clothing, outdoor supplies (like tents), holiday decorations, toys, hobby supplies or documents.

Label your boxes

Woman holding a huge box

One of the best things you can do for yourself to make your life easier is to label all your boxes. You’ll want to label every side and we suggest being as detailed as you can be and creating an inventory on each box as this will make it easier to find things when you need to. To create an inventory, start by writing down the contents of each and every box and the number of each item. This might seem like a time-consuming task but it will pay off in spades later when you want to find certain items. If you like doing things digitally then you could record items on your computer and print out inventory labels for each of your boxes in your storage in Wyong.

Plan a layout

Before you start to place items in your unit, you should think about how you plan to pack them. Planning a layout can make it much easier to find things. We suggest placing large items like furniture up against the wall and then stacking boxes on the opposite wall. You’ll want to leave a path down the centre so that you can access items with no trouble.

Think about upgrading your unit

If you’re struggling to get everything into your storage in Wyong and having to pack things up high like you’re playing a game of Tetris then we suggest that you consider upsizing your unit. A larger unit will make it much easier to access the items you need.

Stack items or use shelves

Another important tip is that you should make sure you stack items and utilise shelves along the walls of your unit to take advantage of vertical space.

Map out your unit

It’s also a good idea to group items and to make a map so that you can quickly and easily find things. For instance, pack kitchen items up together so you can find them.