What Documents Do I Take To Divorce Lawyers in Chatswood?

Before the process of dissolving your marriage begins, you will have to meet divorce lawyers in Chatswood. This series of events would be one of the most turbulent in your life, so you might want to approach it on the right foot. An annulment can be messy. The emotional strain, the financial burden, and the psychological stress can make you want to rethink your choice every step of the way. Drawing the process out would not be to anyone’s benefit.

That said, you should be adequately prepared before going to the divorce lawyers in Chatswood. It would help if certain documents were ready to help the hearings move quickly. Arrange these documents in a folder and take them with you to the solicitors at your first meeting. That would help your attorneys have a clear understanding of the case at hand.

With these documents ready, you can lessen the emotional impact of the dissolution and move on quicker.

  • Real Estate Documents.

Real estate, which includes houses and land, is an essential group of assets to be deliberated over. Things usually get messy over who gets what properties. Real estate bought during the marriage is marital property and would probably have to be divided during the dissolution. Even those purchased before the union might be considered when joint funds are used for their upkeep.

Your divorce lawyers in Chatswood will have to look these over thoroughly.

  • Documents Showing Income.

These documents are vital to the dissolution process. The divorce lawyers in Chatswood would need them to determine alimony, child support, and property division. These documents usually include paychecks and income tax returns. But, if you or your partner have a side job that doesn’t reflect in the papers, you’ll also have to come with your earnings documents for that job.

  • Joint Financial Accounts Documents.

Divorce lawyers Chatswood

Partners usually have joint financial accounts, and the division of the money in those is usually a bone of contention. But even individual accounts still need to be disclosed. So it would help if you met the divorce lawyers in Chatswood with the bank statements of all accounts held by you and your spouse. These include individual accounts and investment accounts.

These statements should run from the past three years.

  • Evidence Of Marital Debt.

Everything isn’t always rosy, and as marital properties are divvied up, so are marital debts. The divorce lawyers in Chatswood will have to determine which debts count as marital debts and divide them.

You’ll have to come with those documents as well. These debts could include credit card debts, medical bills, and loans.

  • Documents Of Automobiles Owned.

We can’t forget the vehicles, can we? There are many accounts of divorced partners disgruntled over ownership of automobiles, so that should be sorted out as amicably as possible. You should present titles and registration for those vehicles, and the divorce lawyers in Chatswood will determine their ownership.

Other documents include life insurance documents, pension funds, intellectual property, digital assets, and jewellery. Getting these files ready would ease the strain of the dissolution tremendously, despite how exposing it feels. It would be best if your divorce lawyers in Chatswood got access to these documents as early as possible.